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new obstacles are always in development.  
Scroll down to see descriptions of our current and best loved challenges.

monkey bars*

It's time to monkey around!  Our adjustable height monkey bars will challenge a wide range of ages and abilities.  Participants love to hang and swing and this active movement experience will help to develop upper body strength and strong muscles in the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers.


Floating Steps

Proving to be a total favorite!  Our floating steps challenge is an  iconic obstacle that promotes bilateral coordination, agility and endurance.  By jumping, two-stepping or single stepping, our Course Masters will demonstrate different techniques so all ages can totally crush this obstacle!


Cargo Crawl

Crawling under the cargo net is part of any well designed obstacle course.  How else are you supposed to get dirty?  But crawling is more than just fun!  It is a multi-joint movement that engages the entire body and works the core while training balance, coordination, strength, and agility.   Our net is knotless and durable, manufactured using premium fibers resistant to abrasion, moisture and chemicals. 


rock wall

Course crushers love to conquer our mini rock wall.  Self esteem and self confidence are bolstered with each step on our securely placed climbing grips mounted on both sides of the wall.  Our rock wall obstacle is a fun way to build upper body and leg strength.


Choose your challenge with our hazard walls, equipped with a low and high option to accommodate many ages, sizes and skills.  Two sets of walls add double the fun as participants climb, jump and clamber to the other side while promoting all over body conditioning.



Stepping in and out of our tires is a fun and challenging way to promote bilateral coordination. The ability to use both sides of the body at the same in a controlled and organized manner is an important part of development and allows the hands and feet to work well together.  Course crushers love this classic obstacle featured at the most popular endurance races.  Tired yet?


Course crushers love to test their nimbleness and speed by walking up and over our teeter totter plank.  And we love that mastering this obstacle promotes agility, a crucial skill in the majority of sports programs, in an enjoyable and engaging way.  With a very solid, strong and stable base and non-skid platform this obstacle is always a crowd pleaser.


Ok - we admit it - this obstacle is just total fun.  Strategically placed in the middle of the course to mix things up, participants run through three walls of noodles as they make their way to their next challenge.  

Agility Poles

Course crushers will test their foot speed, acceleration and directional change as they zip around our agility poles.  Agility training enhances dynamic flexibility, functional core strength and proprioception while improving athletic ability for sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, and football.  Agility is quite an ability!

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