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2022 SBDC Small Business Success Growth Award

Boy running through an obstacle on the obstacle course.






Co-Founder Lauren Borawski is named 2023 NJ Small Business Person of the Year by the US Small Business Administration!

we don't just provide an activity.  we provide an experience.

Changing lives by challenging limits!

Child's Play Challenge Courses is committed to keeping folks of all ages and abilities healthy, active and unplugged in a fun and motivational setting.  We bring the ninja action right to the comfort and convenience of your own backyard or event location, indoors or outdoors, all year-round.

We have real military and ninja-inspired obstacles for Course Crushers from 2 years old to adults and folks don't need special training or athletic ability to Crush the Course!  Our equipment has been constructed to challenge agility, coordination, balance, speed, and endurance.  Navigating our Challenge Course will promote problem-solving and team-building and boost confidence and self-esteem.  

Our Course Masters completely set up, run the experience and break it down and we are completely self-contained.  We actively engage with participants demonstrating obstacles, lending a helping hand, guiding them, and cheering them on, in an action-packed series of challenges.  

We believe in the power of physical play to awaken a mind overflowing with technology.  We bring folks together beyond the reliance of social media and excessive screen time.  Kids and adults need more than computers.  Unplug and play with us! 

Children on a rock wall on an obstacle course

course crushing packages

From backyards to front yards, conference rooms to classrooms, parks to recreation centers, we come to you!  Let us customize the perfect package to meet your space, age range, theme, and unique requirements.  

frequently asked questions

Don't let questions become obstacles!  We are happy to Crush your queries. 

Have a question not listed?  Please reach out.  We would love to talk to you!

  • What age does your Challenge Course accommodate?
    Our inclusive Challenge Course accommodates ages 2 to adult! We have experience with Course Crushers of all ages from our preschool enrichment, grade school activities, high school and college events, and corporate team-building. The obstacles remain the same and it's more a matter of how they are tackled. For example, mini ninjas may need help pulling up over a wall, older children will require less hands on assistance, teens may choose to jump that same wall. Adults may do all of the above! Our Course Masters are there to demonstrate obstacles, lend a helping hand and cheer you on! *Please note that the Monkey Bars are for Course Crushers 5 years and older.
  • Do you set up the same obstacles for all ages?
    Yes, we do! With slight modifications, the Challenge Course can be competitive and engaging for all ages. Participants with varying skill levels and different ages will tackle them differently. For example, a younger child may need assistance pulling up and over the hazard wall, an older child may need the built-in step, a teen may jump the wall, and adults may do all of the above! Our monkey bars are height adjustable and accommodate ages 5 and up. With our many years of experience working with ninjas of all ages and abilities we work closely with participants so everyone can Crush the Course!
  • What happens if it rains or snows?
    We have a very flexible inclement weather policy. Our Course Masters are happy to run your activity in light rain or snow, but we understand if that is not ideal for your event. We will work closely with you right up until the night before to make a final decision. You also have a few options: Rent an indoor facility. Reschedule based on our availability at that time. Cancel with no penalty.
  • Where are you located?
    We are a mobile business that travels to your location. Our headquarters are located in Scotch Plains, NJ, and we travel throughout NJ, NY, PA and CT. We love road trips and if our schedule allows, we may consider further locations. Contact us to find out! New territories are always added, as we expand for coast-to-coast Course Crushing. Franchise opportunities are available. Do you know someone who would like to leave the office behind, unplug and play with their very own Child's Play Challenge Courses? Reach out to us and let us know!
  • Can we Crush the Course indoors?
    Absolutely! Many of our clients own or rent an indoor venue for our activities. Our Challenge Course has successfully operated inside gyms, recreation centers, churches and temples, ballrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms, to name a few. We prefer that the space is on the first level, but a few steps are ok. A full flight of stairs or more will require a freight elevator to transport our equipment. We also require close access to the room/freight elevator for the truck to load in and out, as our pieces might not be able to make tight turns down hallways. When in doubt, please reach out! We are happy to review your space and see if it will accommodate our Challenge Course!
  • How much space do we need for the Challenge Course?
    Ideally, we need approximately 60' X 80' of relatively flat space for the full Challenge Course. For base birthday party packages we need approximately 40' X 60' of relatively flat space. Since the pieces are individual we can be quite creative with our set-ups, fitting into smaller or narrower spaces, when needed. We are happy to take a look at pictures of your space or jump on a Facetime chat with you to make a determination. When in doubt, reach out!
  • Do participants need to sign a waiver?
    All participants (or parents/guardians of minor participants) are required to sign our waiver, which includes the Participant Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. Once you have signed your Event Agreement we will email your electronic link for the waiver that you can forward to your guests/participants for signature. Our waivers are collected by RESMARK Waiver Sign. You also have the option to print out hard copies of the waiver for distribution.
  • Do you operate outdoors in the winter?
    Yes, we do! Participants can Crush the Course year round outdoors. We have had many successful events right in the middle of January and even with snow on the ground. Participants bundle up the same as they would with any other winter sport and they have a blast. While our Course Masters will work in the coldest of conditions we would never require that you have your event beyond your comfort level. If you decide it's too cold for your Course Crushers, no problem! You can reschedule based on our availability or cancel with no penalty. With our extremely flexible inclement weather policy you have nothing to lose!
Adult doing tire drill on an obstacle course.
Boy jumping over a rock wall on obstacle course.
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Child on monkey bars on obstacle course.
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