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Challenge Your Limits and Change Your Life

We don't grow when things are easy. We grow when we are faced with a challenge and we use our savvy to climb over, crawl under, and scamper across to the finish line. Everyday obstacles will continue to present themselves, and with them the opportunity to hone our problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The younger you are when you learn to rise to the challenge the stronger and more resilient you become as adults. As parents, teachers and caregivers, it's tempting to want to solve your mini ninjas problems and spare them the strife, but if they are not struggling they are not learning.

I was the kid who hated gym class. I was convinced I was the most unathletic child in the world, or at least at my school, which is why I immediately gravitate toward our most timid of Course Crushers. I'm moved to take their sweaty hands and guide them over hazard walls and across floating steps until that defining moment when they let go (they always eventually let go) and overcome the obstacles. Each time their technique improves and their confidence grows until they are playing right alongside of their most athletic peers.

I like to think that maybe, just maybe, they go home that day knowing they were just as good as everyone else and they continue to change their lives by challenging their so-called limits and overcoming their fears.

And as for me and my childhood aversion to sports, being picked last for every team at school strengthened my resolve until I eventually found my way to dance class and learned that athleticism comes in many forms.

Undoubtedly, Child's Play Challenge Courses is for the sporty and adventurous, but we are also for every child who didn't make the soccer team and every adult who thought their days of fitness were well behind them. We are for the the special abilities ninja who just wants to play past their preconceived boundaries. Our obstacles have been thoughtfully constructed to challenge agility, coordination, balance, speed, and endurance for equal opportunity Course Crushing.  Navigating our Course promotes problem-solving, boosts confidence, and encourages team building and face-to-face interaction. Reach out to learn more about how we change lives by challenging limits every day.


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